Online Library

This is a GPTIM requirement for the online library.

Student assignments in printed form used to be available at the Institute’s library in Kappara till the year 2006. An online library has since then been implemented, where students registered are able to access the archive of assignments presented by other students including their own.  We have found that that could help current and future students as well as qualified psychotherapists and professionals find an organised repository of Gestalt related information and research.

Registration is private. Please enquire for more details at the Institute in Kappara.

Those students who presented assignments are kindly requested to please e-mail those assignments in digital format to so that they could be uploaded in the private archive available through registration on our portal. Should you not want your work uploaded there please do not hesitate to inform us of that by writing an e-mail and indicating that on



Dr Lidija Pecotić

Director and Founder