Elements of the training program and the ways of working vary from year to year of the training program. There is always space for variation according to changes in standardized procedures of professionals. Theory according to educational aims and practice according to aims in practice are learned through experience and practical exercises, referring and translating the experience in theoretical and methodological concepts.


Basic Course –  1st and 2nd Year

Students will participate in various experiments and exercises which are designed to facilitate personal exploration. The trainer refers to the experience of student in the role of client from the perspective of respectful team and process.

Students are invited to read according to the general book list and they start with presentation of main concepts from the history, methodology and theory of Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Connecting the experience and theory, starting the role of therapist through the role of exercises of contact functions, ‘‘phenomenological postures’’ etc.


Advanced Course –  3rd and 4th Year

Students will practice triads in the roles of therapist, client and observer in a trainee group. Experience is referred to as the initiation of theoretical discussion learning and clarification. From each role, trainees are continuing their personal growth and developing and exercising professional and personal skills. Different styles are supported.

Students are supported and expected to read, write and represent from the recommended literature* and have to relate to it from life experience and the training program group.

By this time, trainees with little or no experience of working in clinical setting are required to start and complete their placement in one of the agencies that GPTIM is affiliated with.