Human Systems Constellations

Continuous Professional Training at the Systemic Solutions Training Centre, Malta

This training is an opportunity to experience a therapeutic approach of working with human systems constellations and the hidden laws and dynamics, which operate within those systems. This approach was originated by Bert Hellinger and then developed by various practitioners internationally: Hunter Beaumont, Guni Baxa, Francesca M. Boring, Albrecht Mahr, Gunthard Weber and Ursula Franke among others.

The aims of training are: to help participants understand the underlying dynamics operating in human systems, experience phenomena of possible resolution to the symptom presented, learn how to diagnose and intervene independently within the system being explored.

Training is organised to meet the needs of persons with various levels of experience: for psychotherapists and practitioners in other helping professions.

It is the responsibility of participants to limit the application of this approach to those clients and situations for which they already have the appropriate qualifications .This Training does not qualify participants to practise psychotherapy. It is suggested that participants belong to the respective professional association in the profession in which they are qualified and practise.

Certification: The certificate which will be issued is a certificate of participation only, which will be issued for every workshop attended. Certification for course completion will be issued on successful completion of 140hrs of training in not less than 2 years and fulfillment of other requirements as in the below.


(Learning and Training are offered through:)

  • Experience: with personal work and that of other trainees, where there will be opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the process of the work;
  • Written assignment of 5,000 words covering a chosen theme in an area related to the theory or methodology of systemic constellation work;
  • Supervision of practice: for participants who are interested in supervision and developing skills for their work as facilitator in this approach.


Constellations will be lead by the teaching staff and senior practitioners, so participation in this course requires from possible candidates willingness for personal work which will be facilitated by other participants under supervision.


Training Dates for 2013

Place: EAPTI-GPTIM – Kappara, Malta


Workshop 1: 1st – 3rd February, 2013 (20 training hrs)

1st February from 17h-21h

2nd-3rd February from 10h-18h


Workshop 2: 22nd – 24th November, 2013 (20 training hrs)

22 November from 17h-21h

23-24 November from 10h-18h


For more information or for registration please e-mail

Application forms may also be obtained from EAPTI-GPTIM, Kappara.


Lidija Pecotić Ph.D.

Programme Director