GPTIM Constitution

Art.  1 The Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute of Malta hereinafter referred to as ‘GPTIM’ is an educational institution set up under the Laws of Malta.  It is an organization based on membership.  It derives its financial support from membership dues and fees charged for its activities.

GPTIM offers recognized Diploma courses in Gestalt psychotherapy approach, and Certificates courses for personal and professional growth.

Art.  2 The aims and objectives of the GPTIM are to provide training for professionals in Gestalt Psychotherapy which, on successful completion, will enable participants (such as psychologists, social workers, teachers, personnel and team managers, clergy, doctors mental health specialists and those with responsibility for pastoral care).

The institute does not discriminate on the basis of race color, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or physical disability in administration of its educational policies, admissions and other programmes.

The aims and objectives are to be achieved by a 4 to 5 year part-time course which will facilitate the integration of theory and method by trainees and enable them to achieve the level of personal clarity an maturity required of a Gestalt psychotherapist.

A year is divided into three twelve-week terms which are structured in 5 modules: Experimental Group Work, Theoretical Study, Individual Work, Center Residential, Individual Work and Supervision.

The course shall be organized in two stages and according to provision in the Trainee Handbook:

  1. basic stage
  2. advanced stage which can lead in future to a higher academic degree, if there is cooperation with related Universities.

Completion of Basic module (stage (i) above) will lead to certification of completion of Basic course.  Completion of Advanced module (stage (ii) above) will lead to a Diploma in Gestalt psychotherapy and consider the holder ready to practice independently as a psychotherapist.

Art.      3 For the purposes of Art. 2 GPTIM shall have an Academic committee made up of at least four Gestalt Core Trainers and the Director of GPTIM.  The main responsibility of this committee is to review and assess the progress of students throughout the course,  the committee shall also update the curriculum in order to keep in line with new development on the subjects.          

Art.      4 The institute under the guidance of the Academic Committee shall organize a range of events, which will include on-going experiential group meeting, seminars, intensive weekend courses, weekly group sessions.  Students are continually learning the essence and application of Gestalt through personal experience.

Art.      5 The Institute including all trainers, supervisors and students shall be subject to the code of ethics of MAP (Malta Association of Psychotherapists), and MAP shall have the right to proceed in the case of a complaint on a breech of ethics.