Final Examination

For the student to take the final examination, he or she must complete all objectives and requirement for the basic and advanced course.

The final examination consists of four parts, and is done publicly within two days. The first part is a case study (13,000 words). Student has to present client from his or her main field of practice.

Each student receives guidelines and the case study has to be done accordingly. The case study is marked with either Pass or Fail.

The second part is a practical and oral examination. The layout of this part of the examination is public and is done in a workshop setting. The workshop group usually consists of GPTIM students, accredited members of GPTIM, two official examiners and two observers.

The aim of this part of examination is to provide the student with the opportunity to demonstrate his/her therapeutic knowledge and skills, in a 30 minute session, in a small group.

After the session, the examinee must answer theoretical and methodological questions in respect of the work which was just done. Both parts of the second part of the examination are marked as Pass or Fail.

The third part of the examination is a public presentation or round table discussion of one of the main Gestalt themes where the examinee is asked to demonstrate academic abilities of a chosen theme.

After the presentation or the round table discussion as the case may be accordingly, the examinee is asked questions by the audience and the examiners.  This part is also marked either Pass or Fail.

The fourth part of the examination is done only for those examinees who have passed the first three parts of the examination. This part has a ritual component where new therapists are initiated through (an always different) ritual in the new professional role of Gestalt Psychotherapist.

The diploma will not be issued unless the student is 26 years of age.