Students are assessed after each year of the training program. Assessments are oral for the first 3 years and consist of: self-assessment, peer-assessment and trainer assessment.

All are related to the objectives and attendance for each year. Upon those elements, students can be asked t wait, repeat or take some other relevant work.

Objective criteria for basic course are:

  1. Participation in weekly group meetings (four absences allowed during one year)
  2. Personal therapy by accredited psychotherapy (minimum 20 per year)
  3. Attending workshops (minimum two per year)
  4. Attending theoretical seminars (minimum two per year)
  5. Attending workshops in different psychotherapeutic (minimum one per year)
  6. Writing Assignments and Presenting (minimum two per Year)


Objective criteria for advanced course include:

  1. Supervision (150 hours per year, 50% of which can be done in agency by recognized supervisors)
  2. Practice with a real clients (200 hours per year)